Our Services

Geotechnical/Environmental Drilling


  • Rotary Drilling/O-Dex
  • Auger
  • HW/NW Casing advance
  • HQ3/NQ3 Core orientating
  •  Packer Testing

  • Inclinometers

  • Piezometers

  • Helical Piers

  • Micropiles

  • Monitor Wells

  • -- Hold current Montana monitor well and Arizona water well licenses.


Diamond Core Mineral Exploration


  • Surface or Underground
  • Truck, Track, or Skid mounted drilling, helicopter supported, Barge or any difficult access
  • 3000ft.  Capacity



Axis Drilling Inc. will meet all of your drilling needs and can tailor our services to your unique projects.

Contact us for any questions you may have or for a bid quote on your project.  Allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations through our expertise and experience as a professional drilling company.